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Guest bookShalom- "Welcome"

Proclaiming the Besurat HaGeulah HaMalchut, the Good News of the Kingdom of Yeshua HaMashiach, and declaring ADONAI's eternal covenant of Torah!

Vision and Purpose 

Beit Shalom means "house of peace," and this is exactly what ADONAI has called our congregation to be - a place where the suffering and hurting of the Jewish people and all other nations can come to receive the shalom shalom (perfect peace) of G-d through a personal relationship with His Messiah Yeshua. Our synagogue is committed to teaching the message of Messiah and the truth of G-d's Torah (Teaching or Instruction) as the means of living a holy life of obedience before the L-rd to Jew and Gentile. We understand and accept all believing Gentiles whom ADONAI calls into our congregation as grafted-in members and sojourners with the people of Israel, equal in every way with our Jewish congregants and accountable to the same Torah.  As a part of the Messianic Movement, we believe that ADONAI has brought back Messianic Judaism in this age as a prelude to the salvation of all Israel (Romans 11) and the return of Messiah Yeshua as King over all the earth.

Live Streaming

Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue


We are now streaming our services on Youtube.  To access Livestream, type in on the address bar and and after Youtube comes up,  enter Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue in the search window.     

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News From Beit Shalom
April 1, 2017

                        Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue 

Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue

1425 East Jackson Street

Suites ABCD

Thomasville, Georgia 31792



Weekly Newsletter


Shalom Mishpocha v'Chaverim:
Prayer Needs:
Please see all individual prayer needs near the end of this message. 

Intercessory Prayer:
Intercessory prayer at the synagogue, Wednesday, March 29th 10AM.
Beit Shalom Youtube Channel:
Beit Shalom's past livestreamed messages are archived at

Messianic Daily News by Messianic Times:

Sign up for text alert:
A 160 character text message will be sent on Friday and/or prior to scheduled services. It will contain information about the upcoming Shabbat and/or service and will serve as a reminder. We will also be able to send other important messages on rare occasions.  To sign up, text Keyword - EZSWD12583 to the number 313131. There is no cost to you.  If you ever want to stop receiving the messages, text "STOP" to 313131.
Beit Shalom 2017 Israel Trip:
See it in the next section below.  Initial sign-up period ends Thursday, 03/30/17.
Messages on Website-
Click on Message tab.  Message for Ki Tisa about the 13 Attributes of ADONAI is posted.  Also review Kehillah messages Kehillah and Ruach HaKodesh 1. 
Calendar for April:
Saturday, April 1st.  Synagogue service.  Parasha Vayikra.  11:00 AM. Liturgy, praise and worship, prayer and Torah Service followed by Full Oneg at about 12:40 PM. First Shabbat in Nisan.  D'var Torah at approximately 1:40 PM.  <Livestream> Rabbi Michael Stepakoff.
Saturday, April 8th.  Synagogue service.  Parasha Tzav.  11:00 AM.  Liturgy, praise and worship, prayer and Torah Service followed by sandwich oneg at about 12:40 PM.  D'var Torah at approximately 1:40 PM.  <Livestream>Rabbi Robert Ackerman.
Monday, April 10th.  
Nisan 15 arrives at sundown.  Passover Seder at 7:00 PM.  Adults $7; children $4.    Sign up for Passover at the synagogue now!!!
Saturday, April 15th.  Synagogue service.  Shabbat Chol HaMoed. 11:00 AM.  Liturgy, praise and worship, prayer and Torah Service followed by sandwich oneg at about 12:40 PM.  Congregational Teaching at approximately 1:40 PM.  Rabbi Robert Ackerman.  4 Omer.
Saturday, April 22nd.  Synagogue service.  Parasha Shemini.  11:00 AM. Liturgy, praise and worship, prayer and Torah Service followed by sandwich oneg at about 12:40 PM.  D'var Torah at approximately 1:40 PM.  <Livestream>   Rabbi Robert Ackerman.  11 Omer.
Saturday, April 29th.  Synagogue service.  Parashot Tazria v'Metzora. 11:00 AM.  Liturgy, praise and worship, prayer and Torah Service followed byFull Oneg at about 12:40 PM.  First Shabbat in Iyyar.  D'var Torah at approximately 1:40 PM.  <Livestream>  Rabbi Robert Ackerman.  18 Omer.
              Beit Shalom 2017 Israel Trip:
I am extremely excited about this trip; this pilgrimage to Israel. We have worked very hard to get the price to an affordable level while retaining a high quality tour.  As in the past, we will focus on the spiritual as well as educational and "fun."  The trip price is $3,075 for 8 1/2 days of touring, 9 nights in Israel and includes flights from Jacksonville to Newark and Newark to Tel Aviv via United Airlines.  "What A Deal."  Don't miss it.  We have a limited number of seats.  March 30th is the cut-off date for the initial deposit of $275.00.  Sign up right away.  
      Click on the link below to see the full itinerary in abbreviated form (registration form included).
                              Beit Shalom 2017 Israel Tour
Click on the link below to see the full itinerary with detailed tour description (registration form included).
                          Beit Shalom 2017 Tour Description
This Shabbat:
"He called"
Shabbat Morning Prayer:  9:30 AM.
Shabbat Worship:  11:00 AM.  
Shabbat Oneg Committee:  everyone.
Torah: Exodus 1:1-5:26`.  Reading: 1:1-9.
Haftarah: Isaiah 43:21-44:23.  Reading: 44:1-8.
Ketuvim Sh'lichim: Romans 8:1-13.

                              Congregational Monthly Calendar
10 (Monday)  Erev Pesach. Congregational Seder- 7 PM.
11 (Tuesday)  First Day of Unleavened Bread (a Shabbat).  
17 (Monday)  Seventh day of Unleavened Bread (a Shabbat).
23 (Sunday) Holocaust Remembrance Day.
27 (Thursday) Rosh Chodesh Iyar.
Beit Shalom Prayer Needs
Israel: Pray for the salvation of all Israel; protection from the enemy, for Israel's Messianic Jews and congregations, and for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the elected leaders of Israel. Continue to pray for rain, that the Sea of Galilee might reach full pool. Pray for wisdom in leadership and ADONAI's protection from the enemy on all of the borders. Pray for protection for the people of Israel from terror attacks. Pray for nations to stand with Israel in this hour!
Joe Khatib and his family in Israel (Joe: continue to be in health), Herb Brooks (arthritis), Chris Brooks, Lou McPherson, Ray McPherson, Mrs. Giles, Lillian Jack, Vern Ellis and Libby Ellis.
Frances Silverman and Christine Whatley (for health in older age), Joshua King, the Hanes family (Zemer Levav; for provision), Mills Ackerman.and Ruth's sister Sonia. 
Taylor Correctional Institution:
Main Unit:  Adrien A., Robert B., Wade D., David S., and Kevin W.
Annex: John F., Matthew G., Isaiah T and Brian W.

B'rachot b'shem Yeshua (Blessings in the Name of Yeshua),


Robert Ackerman

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