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Proclaiming the Besurat HaGeulah HaMalchut, the Good News of the Kingdom of Yeshua HaMashiach, and declaring ADONAI's eternal covenant of Torah!

Vision and Purpose 

Beit Shalom means "house of peace," and this is exactly what ADONAI has called our congregation to be - a place where the suffering and hurting of all the people of the world, both Jew and Gentile, can come to receive the shalom shalom (perfect peace) of God through a personal relationship with His Son, Messiah Yeshua!

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Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue

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Saturday, July 30, 2016.  1:15PM.

D'var Torah- Rabbi Michael Stepakoff


Saturday, August 6, 2016.  12:30PM.

D'var Torah- Rabbi Herb Brooks

Saturday, August 13 2016.  1:15PM.

D'var Torah- Rabbi Robert Ackerman

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 News From Beit Shalom
For Shabbat, 
July 30, 2016

                        Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue 

Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue

1425 East Jackson Street

Thomasville, Georgia

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1575; 31799


Weekly Newsletter


Shalom Mishpocha v'Chaverim:
Prayer Needs:
Please see all individual prayer needs near the end of this message. 

Intercessory Prayer:
Intercessory prayer at the synagogue on Wednesday, July 27th at 10AM.

Beit Shalom Youtube Channel:
Beit Shalom past livestreamed messages are archived at

Messianic Daily News by Messianic Times:

Calendar for July:
Saturday, July 30th. Synagogue Service. 11AM: Liturgy, praise and worship and prayer. 12:15PM: Sandwich oneg. Livestream at 1:15PM: Parasha Pinchas.  Torah Service followed by D'var Torah: Rabbi Michael Stepakoff.  Torah discussion.
Sunday, July 31st. Beit Shalom MikPic at Holly Springs Pool; 5-9PM.  MikPic- Messianic Mikveh (tevilah, immersion into Messiah Yeshua).  5PM- Mikveh followed by swimming, fun and food (provided by synagogue). Questions about Mikveh: contact Rabbi Ackerman. Directions to pool:From the synagogue, go north to US 19 and turn left.  Go to second traffic light and turn left. Go 400 yards and turn right into Holly Springs Subdivision.  Go to second street (Deer Ridge) and turn right.  Pool is at the bottom of the hill.  From Monticello take US 19 north and continue through Thomasville.  Follow above directions to pool.  From Tallahassee take 319 north to second traffic light in Thomasville and turn left onto bypass.  Follow bypass to County Line Road and turn left.  Go approximately two miles to Holly Springs Subdivision entrance and turn left.  Follow above directions to pool.
Calendar for August:
Saturday, August 6th. First Shabbat Av.  Shacarit Service at 11AM: Parashot Mattot/Masa'ei. Livestream at 12:30PM:  D'var Torah: Rabbi Herb Brooks.  Full oneg.
Saturday, August 13th. Synagogue Service. 11AM: Liturgy, praise and worship and prayer. 12:15PM: Sandwich oneg. Livestream at 1:15PM.Parasha Devarim. Torah Service followed by D'var Torah: Rabbi Robert Ackerman Torah discussion. 
Saturday, August 20th. Synagogue Service. 11AM: Liturgy, praise and worship and prayer. 12:15PM: Sandwich oneg. Parasha Va'etchanan. Torah Service followed by Torah D'rash: Tony Araiza Torah discussion. 
Saturday, August 27th. Synagogue Service. 11AM: Liturgy, praise and worship and prayer. 12:15PM: Sandwich oneg. Parasha Ekev. Torah Service followed by Torah D'rash: Danny Roman Torah discussion. 
Philip Stanley Klein
Blessed Memory
Entered Eternity July 25, 2016
Philip was born in an Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, NY.  His grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi.  Following formal music training and a concert at Carnegie Hall, Philip toured as keyboard player with a national musical recording group.  Later, in Nashville, he wrote for Frank Sinatra's music company and performed with gold record celebrities. 
He settled in Atlanta in 1977. Shortly after his daughter Stephanie was born, he suffered the loss of his wife in an automobile accident.  Some years later he met Sheila, a Christian and nurse by profession.  She reached out to both of them, sensing their inner pain.  She was able to lead Philip to the only true healer, Yeshua.
They began attending Congregation Beth Hallel, a Messianic Jewish synagogue in Roswell, GA.  Later that year, Philip and Stephanie joined Sheila and her children David and Colleen in marriage.  The Lord blended two broken families into one whole family in Him.
Philip continued his musical career as a member of the group Nagila at Beth Hallel.  Later he went out on his own as a singer, songwriter and traveling Messianic musician.  This multi-talented man wrote many songs and published several albums.  You can find them
Philip will be sorely missed, not only by his loving family, but also by all of the family which he lovingly created through his ministry to the body of Messiah.
This Shabbat:
Shabbat Morning Prayer:  9:30AM.
Shabbat Worship:  11AM.
Shabbat Oneg Committee:  Everyone.
Torah: Numbers 25:10-30:1.  Reading: 25:10-18.
Haftarah: 1Kings 18:46-19:21. Reading: 19:1-14.
Ketuvim Shlichim: John 2:13-22.
                              Congregational Monthly Calendar
9 (Saturday) First Shabbat Tammuz
16 (Saturday) Beit Shalom Quarterly Meeting (after service)
26 (Tuesday) Rabbi Ackerman speaks at Seeker's Fellowship
31 (Sunday) Beit Shalom MikPic at Holly Springs Pool.  5-9PM.
6 (Saturday) First Shabbat Av
9 (Tuesday) Rabbi Ackerman speaks at Seeker's Fellowship
14 (Sunday) Ninth of Av (Tisha b'Av)
Beit Shalom Prayer Needs
Israel: Pray for the salvation of all Israel; protection from the enemy, for Israel's Messianic Jews and congregations, and for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the elected leaders of Israel. Continue to pray for rain, that the Sea of Galilee might reach full pool. Water Problems Continue.  Prayer needed! Pray for wisdom in leadership and ADONAI's protection from the enemy on all of the borders. Pray for protection for the people of Israel from the recent terrorist attacks against families and individuals. Pray for nations to stand with Israel in this hour!
Joe Khatib and his family in Israel (Joe: continue to be in health), Herb Brooks, Chris Brooks, Lou McPherson, Ray McPherson, Mrs. Giles, Danny Roman (healing of eye), and Michael King (Crohn's Disease).
Frances Silverman and Christine Whatley (for health in older age), Joshua King, the Hanes family (Zemer Levav; for provision), Mills Ackerman (grandson; seizures),  Tony Lequire (gain strength and weight. Now at home) and Rabbi Jeff Adler (heart attack and kidneys).
Taylor Correctional Institution:
Main Unit:  Esteban G., Zachariah H., Michael K, James K., Marvin K, and David S.
Annex: Matthew G., Richard H., Charles L., Ronald T., and Brian W.

B'rachot b'shem Yeshua (Blessings in the Name of Yeshua),


Robert Ackerman

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